LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor

Long Range, ATEX-certified, battery powered wireless, In-line Pressure sensor measurement designed for harsh environment

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Wireless Pressure Sensor Certifications SensaiO

Industry Applications:

  • – Oil, gas and mining
  • – Chemical and petrochemical
  • – Biomass, geothermal & hydrogen
  • – Energy, utilities and transport
  • – Recycling & waste treatment
  • – Pharmaceutical
  • – Aerospace

Sensor Features:

  • – Compact, robust and weather-proof
  • – Quick and cost-effective installation
  • – Wide pressure ranges up to 1,000 bar / 14,500 Psi
  • – Cortex® 150Mhz-M4 for analytics at edge
  • – LoRaWAN Global frequency plans
  • – End-to-End Security: Inc. 128-bit AES encryption + MFA
  • – Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy
  • – Ultra-low power up to 10 years battery life 2
  • – Intrinsically safe design for hazardous area (Zone 0/1)
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Product Description

Once installed, the intelligent wireless pressure sensors from SENSA.iO are designed to accurately gauge and monitor gas and liquid pressure within a specific pipeline on a large-scale production site. This helps to remotely improve the safety and performance of hazardous industrial environments through live and intelligent technology.

These wireless pressure transmitters feature wetted material with high corrosion resistance, making them ideal for hazardous locations, including zone 1 areas where flammable gas or vapor may be present.

ATEX-certified, they are suitable for various industrial applications, including petrochemical, paint, and steel plants.

SENSA.iO wireless pressure sensors use LoRaWAN for remote communication. LoRaWAN has excellent sensitivity reception, good anti-radio interference capability, a communication distance of 10km, and even further when in optimum communication conditions.

The modular design and structure of SENSA.iO wireless pressure sensors make replacing batteries easy, as they don’t need to be removed from the pipeline. They can also be installed anywhere in the factory without cable wiring work, making them perfect for quick and easy on-site maintenance.

SENSA.iO wireless pressure sensors can also be intuitively configured and remotely monitored using an Android or iOS smartphone or device with Bluetooth 5.0.

Sensor Technical Specifications

Measuring Principle
Piezoresistive technology
Measuring Ranges
-1-1 up to 1000 bar / -14.5 .14.5 up to 14,500 Psi
Up to 400 bar / 5,800 Psi (0.15% FS)
Up to 600 bar / 8,700 Psi (0.25% FS)
Up to 1000 bar / 14,500 Psi (0.35% FS)
Type of Pressure
Absolute or Relative
Long term stability
Max 0.2% FS / Year
Software Android 7.0 or IOS 12 or greater
Hardware Android-Devices or IOS-Devices support Bluetooth Smart
Class A – lowest power bi-directional
Range up to 10km
Baud Rate Range from 0.3 kbps to 50 kbps
Adaptative Data Rate (ADR) available
Interference Immunity very high
Mode OTAA with External Join Server
Update Rate 100 frames/per day (default)
Frequency plans EU863-870
RF Power Max. 14dBM ERP
Security: Dedicated trusted secure element AES 128 bit encryption
Antenna: Omni-directional multiband
Field replaceable D-size format
Primary Li-MnO2
Nominal capacity @ 20°C
12.4 Ah
Nominal voltage @ 20°C
3.0 V
Storage Temperature
+25 °C recommended
Ambient Temperature
-40 … + 59°C
Storage Temperature (recommended)
+ 25°C
Protection Rating
IP65 & IP67 NEMA 4x
20 g, 5…2000 Hz, X/Y/Z
Endurance @ 25 °C
>10 millions FS cycles
50g/11ms – 100g/6ms
ASME 1/2” NPTM wireless pressure sensors
ASME 1/2” NPTF wireless pressure sensors
ISO 228 G1/2” EN wireless pressure sensors
DIN EN/IEC 61518 Dual Port wireless pressure sensors
DIN EN/IEC 19213/61518 Flange wireless pressure sensors
DIN EN/IEC 19213 Dual Port wireless pressure sensors
Custom on request
General Dimension
Length 127 mm
Tool Kit
Flat Spanner 59 mm
Allen key 2.5mm
Max Torque 50Nm
Wetted Part
Stainless Steel 316L or Inconel 625
Housing Option
Aluminum powder coated light weight      1.0 Kg
Stainless Steel 316L     1.5 Kg
Reinforced anti-static polymer
(ESD Protected and UV Stabilized)
RoHS directive 2011/65/EU – RED directive 2014/53/EU
ETSI CEI 61010-1 – PED directive 2014/68/EU
IECEX Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, Ex ia IIIB T135 °C Da
Class I/II/III Groups ABCDEFG T4 Tamb= 59°C / 139°F
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