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Intelligent Connected Sensors

Monitor your process remotely in hazardous areas.

SENSA.IO is a wireless sensor specifically designed for industrial needs. It is resistant to hazardous environments, very easy to install and configure - you will no longer have to worry about implementing heavy modifications on your equipment to monitor its performance!

Pressure Sensor

Easily measure pressure from a distance with an In-Line Pressure Sensor with a measuring range of up to 1,000 Bars.

Temperature Sensor

Easily detect the temperature inside a pipe or certain parts by using a temperature sensor from SENSA.IO

Valve Position Sensor

Easily control and make sure your valve is closed or open perfectly with the In-Line Motion Sensor designed for all types of valves

Key Features

The best products come with the best features, here are the advantages in the sensors from SENSA.IO

LoRaWAN Communication

LoRaWAN frequency plans coverage permit to monitor remotely (up to 10km) your device from wherever in the world.

Field Replaceable Battery

The Battery highly recommended by SENSAIO is field replaceable, she can be swiched on-site by trained personnel.

Bluetooth 5 Low Energy

Sensaio sensors use Bluetooth 5 Low Energy who consumes very few energy and prolongs the battery life.

Edge Analytics

Sensaio sensors embedded the most powerful processing unit in the market for edge analytics.

End-to-End Security

To provides an optimal data security, Sensaio use a Dedicated trusted secure element with an AES 128 bit encryption.


Sensors offer several customization options to meet your needs and fit with your installation and environment conditions.

Intrinsically Safe

SENSAIO’s products complying with the most restrictive security standards in the industry.

Industrial Grade

SENSAIO’s engineers and experts committed all their efforts to ensuring the best possible engineering quality.

All Weather Conditions

SENSAIO’s sensor is weather-proof thanks to his design, his specially selected materials and rigorous quality control.

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Comes with an Android and Apple IoS application. Ready to use for on-site sensor configuration and live measurement feedback.




3 Sensors + 1 Gateway Kerlink + 6 Month access to ThinkPark Platform powered by Actility.


"A groundbreaking design that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations even with the bar set high. This truly feels like the future of Industrial IoT"
Bruno Lebriere
Director Wilitec Pte Ltd


SENSA.IO is a wide range of compact Industrial sensors for low-power wide-area network. Bluetooth 5 for field mobility, SENSA.IO embedded the most powerful processing unit in the market for edge analytics while complying with the most restrictive security standards in the industry.

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