Intelligent LoRaWAN industrial sensors

The ultimate on-site performance
management and safety solution

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Leading the way with Industrial IoT wireless sensor solutions.

Industry 4.0 and rapid technological advances through the IIoT, the need for smart automation and predictive analytics is on the rise.

Using extensive experience and knowledge, the SENSA.iO team have created a range of innovative LoRaWAN industrial sensors and solutions which are designed to solve the problems and dangers that come with industrial site management within hazardous environments all over the world.

With a strong focus on improving safety, SENSA.iO utilise unique and cutting-edge AI driven technology to generate data intelligence for your individual environment.

The ongoing learning process within the sensor devices help to detect dangers specific to your organisation and immediately send alerts remotely and securely to your existing software application, or through Sightgate, our optional cloud-based software platform, for intelligent monitoring.

Modular design LoRaWAN industrial sensors with built in AI

Using inbuilt AI technology, SENSA.iO wireless sensor solutions give you the power to build an ultra-low power consumption and long-range monitoring system that is best suited to your individual and environmental needs.

These industry-driven sensor solutions can then turn your assets, located in hazardous and remote areas, into intelligent connected devices with live monitoring and in-situ diagnostics.


LoRaWAN Global Frequency Plans

AI Simulator

Bluetooth 5 Enabled

End-to-End Data Security

Pressure Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Valve Position Sensor

By choosing SENSA.iO you can have all the data you need right at your fingertips to help save money and improve efficiencies.

Prioritising safety of hazardous environments with industrial IoT wireless solutions

The range of intelligent connected sensors by SENSA.iO enable the optimum in industrial facilities management bringing together innovative technology and engineering. Now you can get all the vital data you need right at your fingertips to help improve site safety, protect your staff, save money and improve efficiencies whilst also minimising the environmental impact of your plant.

Every industry is different but the benefits of SENSA.iO LoRaWAN industrial sensors remain the same.

Using IoT and AI to bring industrial innovation tailored to your organisation

Industrial innovation is at the heart of what we do. The quality of our materials combined with cutting edge software and edge AI is what makes SENSA.iO wireless sensors the most innovative and longest lasting in the market.

The unique patented design is also completely customisable and scalable to suit your individual environment so you’ll be getting the ultimate personalised solution for your business.

LoRaWAN Global Frequency Plans

Wherever your site is in the world, you can remotely monitor it to a distance of up to 10km

End-to-End Data Security

128-bit AES encryption and OTP multi-factor authentication is used for optimum security

AI Driven & Cloud Enabled

Ongoing and supervised learning from our sensors helps improve efficiencies specific to your environment

Up to 10 Years Battery Life

Ultra-low power consumption with field-replaceable components designed to last you’ll save valuable time and money replacing parts

Intrinsically Safe Design

Achieving ATEX & IECEX certification for complete peace of mind and keeping your staff safe

Compact & Robust Design

Made from weather and chemical resistant aluminium and stainless steel to withstand even the most extreme off-shore environments

Cortex® 150Mhz-M4

Giving you outstanding detailed sensor analysis and data to help better understand and manage your business

Flexible Data Analysis

Easily connects to your own IIoT platform, or our cloud-based platform Sightgate, for analysis and reporting

Wireless sensor solutions for your industry

Industries that fall into hazardous categories need careful management to ensure staff safety and improve efficiency. The real-time data from SENSA.iO LoRaWan sensors will help to improve this in a range of industries.