Chemical & Petrochemical

In the field of chemicals & petrochemicals, the industry succeeds by turning simple resources into a wide range of important products, from fertilizers to medicines. This sector is crucial to modern society but works in dangerous conditions, where safety and accuracy are extremely important to prevent disasters.

The accuracy of our LoRaWan Valve Position Sensor, the flexibility of the LoRaWan Temperature Sensor, and the dependability of the LoRaWan Pressure Sensor create a trio of safety and efficiency. All three sensors are certified as ATEX/IECEX, showing that they are suitable for the demanding requirements of the chemical & petrochemical sectors. By integrating these sensors into their operations, companies can not only meet safety regulations but go beyond them, ensuring the smooth and secure production of the substances that are essential to modern life. SENSA.iO’s technologies provide a way to enhance operational stability and environmental responsibility in the chemical & petrochemical industries.

SENSA.iO is transforming the chemical & petrochemical industries with innovative LoRaWAN technology. Our sensors improve safety measures, enhance process efficiency, and cut down on maintenance costs.

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SENSA.iO LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor

LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor

SENSA.iO’s LoRaWAN pressure sensors, IECEx certified for hazardous environments, accurately monitor gas and liquid pressure in large-scale pipelines, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

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SENSA.iO LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor

LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor

LoRaWAN temperature sensors, ATEX-certified for hazardous environments, provide accurate and reliable temperature monitoring across large distances, essential for plant safety and efficiency.

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SENSA.iO LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor

LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor

LoRaWAN valve position sensors, ATEX-certified for hazardous environments, enable precise monitoring of valve positions in pipelines, combining AI and remote connectivity for effective real-time control.

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