Biomass & Geothermal

Biomass & geothermal energies represent powerful allies against energy shortages and climate change, tapping into the earth’s organic matter and subterranean heat. As the biomass market experiences significant growth, the integration of innovative technologies becomes increasingly important to enhance the efficiency and safety of these renewable energy sources.

Our LoRaWan Valve Position Sensor, with its precise monitoring abilities, is especially useful in biomass processing where valve integrity is crucial. The LoRaWan Temperature Sensor helps maintain optimal conditions in the biomass conversion process and geothermal operations, while the LoRaWan Pressure Sensor provides accurate measurements to ensure system integrity under varying pressure conditions. These certified and durable sensors not only meet strict safety standards but also contribute to a comprehensive safety management system, assisting the biomass & geothermal industries in achieving improved efficiency and safety standards.

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SENSA.iO LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor

LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor

SENSA.iO’s LoRaWAN pressure sensors, IECEx certified for hazardous environments, accurately monitor gas and liquid pressure in large-scale pipelines, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

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SENSA.iO LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor

LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor

LoRaWAN temperature sensors, ATEX-certified for hazardous environments, provide accurate and reliable temperature monitoring across large distances, essential for plant safety and efficiency.

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SENSA.iO LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor

LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor

LoRaWAN valve position sensors, ATEX-certified for hazardous environments, enable precise monitoring of valve positions in pipelines, combining AI and remote connectivity for effective real-time control.

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