Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry is an important part of the global economy. It feeds many other industries and operates in a high-risk environment where safety and efficiency are paramount. To make money, companies must always look for ways to cut costs without compromising safety or meeting industry standards.

Our LoRaWan Valve Position Sensor represents innovation in industrial safety. Designed for the challenging requirements of oil & gas operations, it provides accurate valve position readings, helping to maintain the integrity of complex pipeline systems. Additionally our LoRaWan Temperature Sensor ensures consistent monitoring across a wide range of temperatures, while our LoRaWan Pressure Sensor offers exceptional precision for important pressure measurements. These ATEX/IECEX certified devices are essential parts of a safety management system, improving operational safety and efficiency while protecting people and the environment.

SENSA.iO is at the forefront of enhancing Oil & Gas industry with innovative LoRaWAN sensor technology. Our products increase safety, operational efficiency and decrease maintenance cost.

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SENSA.iO LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor

LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor

SENSA.iO’s LoRaWAN pressure sensors, IECEx certified for hazardous environments, accurately monitor gas and liquid pressure in large-scale pipelines, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

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SENSA.iO LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor

LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor

LoRaWAN temperature sensors, ATEX-certified for hazardous environments, provide accurate and reliable temperature monitoring across large distances, essential for plant safety and efficiency.

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SENSA.iO LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor

LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor

LoRaWAN valve position sensors, ATEX-certified for hazardous environments, enable precise monitoring of valve positions in pipelines, combining AI and remote connectivity for effective real-time control.

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