LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor


SENSA.iO Product Certifications

LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor Features

  • Compact, robust and weather-proof
  • Quick and cost-effective installation
  • SensorFusion Remove angular algorithm
  • Cortex® 150Mhz-M4 for analytics at edge
  • LoRaWAN Global frequency plans
  • End-to-End Security: Inc. 128-bit AES encryption + MFA
  • Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy
  • Ultra-low power up to 10 years battery life
  • Intrinsically safe design for hazardous area (Zone 0/1)
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LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor Technical Specifications

Measuring Principle Accelerometer and Gyroscope technology
Measuring Ranges Full Range 0 – 100%
Accuracy 3º degree
Type of Temperature Absolute
Long term stability 0.5°C (0.05% of FS) max
Software Android 7.0 or IOS 12 or greater
Hardware Android-Devices or IOS-Devices support Bluetooth Smart
Class A – lowest power bi-directional
Range up to 10km
Baud Rate Range from 0.3 kbps to 50 kbps
Adaptative Data Rate (ADR) available
Interference Immunity very high
Mode OTAA with External Join Server
Update Rate 100 frames/per day (default)
Frequency plans EU863-870 US902-928 AU915-928 AS9123-1 AS923-2 AS923-3 KR920-923 IN865-867 RU864-870 AS923-4
RF Power Max. 14dBM ERP
Security AES 128 bit encryption. Roaming activation via HSM. Dedicated trusted secure element.
Antenna Omni-directional multiband
Format Field replaceable D-size format
Type Primary Li-MnO2
Nominal capacity @ 20°C 12.4 Ah
Nominal voltage @ 20°C 3.0 V
Storage Temperature +25 °C recommended
Ambiant Temperature -40 … + 59°C
Storage Temperature (recommended) + 25°C
Protection Rating IP65 & IP67 NEMA 4x
Vibration 20 g, 5…2000 Hz, X/Y/Z
Endurance @ 25 °C >10 millions FS cycles
Shock 50g/11ms – 100g/6ms
L10mm valve position sensors
valve position sensors
General Dimension Length 127 mm
Tool Kit Flat Spanner 59 mm
Allen key 2.5mm
Max Torque 50Nm
Conformity RoHS directive 2011/65/EU – RED directive 2014/53/EU ETSI CEI 61010-1 – PED directive 2014/68/EU
Safety ATEX II 1 GD, ATEX I M1, Ex ia I Ma, UKCA
IECEX Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, Ex ia IIIB T135 °C Da
Class I/II/III Groups ABCDEFG T4 Tamb= 59°C / 139°F

Product Description

Wireless valve position sensors from SENSA.iO are like nothing else on the market. When fitted directly into the production pipelines, these sensors are designed for harsh environments, wirelessly monitoring and measuring the degree of openness of any valve on-site.

These valve position sensors are designed to be installed directly into the pipeline and feature wetted material with high corrosion resistance making them the perfect solution for high-risk and hazardous environments.

ATEX certified and intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres to respond to the particular needs of several industrial sectors.

Maintenance of the SENSA.iO wireless valve position sensors is also simple, and they don’t need to be removed from the pipeline to replace batteries because of the modular design.

Using AI technology, these LoRaWAN valve positioner sensors remotely connect and monitor the performance, efficiency and safety of your industrial hazardous environments. This gives peace-of-mind through the delivery of real-time information direct to your Android or iOS smartphone or device with Bluetooth 5.0smart or device up to 10km 24/7.

Industry Applications