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Intelligent IoT industrial sensors for global management of hazardous environments.

iot industrial sensors

Your high-risk industrial environment requires precise management to ensure the safety of your staff and equipment efficiency.

As the innovators of remote monitoring through advanced AI and LoRaWAN sensors, SENSA.iO give you the peace-of-mind that your facility is running smoothly from anywhere 24/7. This intelligent monitoring process takes place securely through our secure Sightgate cloud-based platform or through your own IoT enabling software – the solution is very much software platform agnostic.

iot industrial sensors

How SENSA.iO industrial wireless sensors can transform your business

Enhance machine conditioning

Improve field operational safety

Continually monitor performance

Perform unmanned site inspections

Collate and report on real-time data

AI generated data intelligence

Enabling IoT for your individual organisation

iot industrial sensors

Our LoRaWAN IoT wireless sensors enable you to engage with IIoT technology and are fully enabled with AI software agnostic.

Industry 4.0 has enabled robust innovation to be utilised across the industrial world, and SENSA.iO has embraced that innovation to create cyber-physical systems that improve industrial performance and safety.

Using extensive knowledge and experience, SENSA.iO are leading the way with IoT industrial sensors. Utilising AI to generate data intelligence and machine learning, these solutions will detect and issue warnings unique to your organisation.

iot industrial sensors

Partner with SENSA.iO for a shared focus on industrial innovation

Designed and manufactured in Europe, SENSA.iO embrace the use of technology and AI and are bringing the ultimate in quality and innovation with its IoT industrial sensors and cloud-based software solutions.

Using our wealth of knowledge, our wireless sensors and solutions are designed to solve your individual problems and bring a focus on solution-based innovation on a global scale.

iot industrial sensors


SENSA.iO have developed a range of LoRaWAN wireless sensors that will significantly improve production output.

These solutions will help to reduce downtime, and automate data collection optimising the efficiency of your site.


By partnering with SENSA.iO you’ll be opening significant sustainable opportunities that will help your organisation meet strategies such as net zero emissions.

Incidents in the industrial world can be extremely detrimental to the environment. Together with we can significantly minimise the risk of these events occurring by effectively tracking and limiting


Through use of cutting-edge software, technology and high-quality materials, our wireless sensors are built to last with a battery life of up to 10 years.

This guarantee will extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs, and your spare parts inventory.


With decades of experience working within hazardous industrial environments, a core focus for SENSA.iO is improving on-site safety to reduce incidents.

Foreseeing, understanding, and preventing technical faults and human error is vital and in intrinsic business value.

Meet the SENSA.iO innovation leadership team

The SENSA.iO innovation and leadership team have a wealth of experience working within hazardous environments. The team also have many years’ knowledge of electronic solutions and software development.

SENSA.iO are working together to create a safer and smarter industrial world of the future.

Thomas Guillet
SENSA.iO Founder & CEO

Thomas Guillet
With many decades of industrial experience we recognised the need for intelligent sensors that glued industrial-site information together, making data available whenever and wherever.
With the advancements in AI and IoT we have taken sensors to another level, embedding them with intelligence that drives IoT effectively. We believe our solutions can make a real difference across the industrial world.

Francois Leveque
EX Expert


Kevin Di Meo
Full Stack
Developer Lead


Guillaume Charron
Design Specialist


Pierre Schamberger
Software Lead

SENSA.iO Certification

As well as being awarded a significant grant from FEDER to increase production capacity, Sensa.iO are ISO80079-24 certified and ISO9001 compliant.

We are proud to be a part of the incubation program Plant 4.0, powered by TotalEnergies, and our products comply with the following statutory and regulatory requirements across the globe.

SENSA.iO Certification
SENSA.iO Certification
SENSA.iO Certification
SENSA.iO Certification
SENSA.iO Certification
SENSA.iO Certification
SENSA.iO Certification
SENSA.iO Certification
SENSA.iO Certification