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SENSAiO manual valve position sensor

When it comes to valve positioning sensors, our products at Edge Technologies are a cut above the rest. Unlike our competitors, our SENSA.iO sensors perform all necessary calculations autonomously, thanks to a powerful embedded microprocessor. This means the position data you receive via the LoraWAN payload is always accurate and reliable. Notably, we do not rely on cloud-based calculations, ensuring faster and more accurate results and giving you the peace of mind that your data never goes out of your premises.

What sets SENSA.iO apart is the IMU technology that we use, which includes Inertial Measurement Units and sensor fusion embedded directly in the device. This ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability, even in the toughest environments. Additionally, our intelligent notification system allows you to detect and prevent valve manipulation in real-time, regardless of the frequency of LoraWAN data transmission.

These are the achievements of our dedicated R&D effort, which produces outstanding results while keeping battery consumption as low as possible, and the reason we can generally achieve 30% longer battery life than our competition.

Our sensors return the percentage opening of the valve directly calculated, with no intermediary or reliance on cloud-based processing. This provides you with faster and more reliable results and saves you time and money in the long run. That is why, regardless of your industrial sector, you can trust Edge Technologies to provide the most advanced and reliable sensor solutions on the market.

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