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SENSAiO manual valve position sensor When it comes to cutting-edge valve positioning sensors, Edge Technologies takes the lead in providing innovative solutions. Our SENSA.iO LoRaWAN sensors, designed as advanced valve position sensors, outshine competitors by autonomously performing all necessary calculations, thanks to a robust embedded microprocessor. This autonomy ensures that the position data received via the LoRaWAN payload is consistently accurate and reliable. Notably, our approach avoids reliance on cloud-based calculations, guaranteeing faster and more accurate results and providing you with the assurance that your data remains secure within your premises. What truly sets SENSA.iO apart is the incorporation of IMU technology, featuring Inertial Measurement Units and sensor fusion embedded directly into our LoRaWAN sensors, designed as valve position sensors. This integration ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability, even in the most challenging environments. Moreover, our LoRaWAN sensors, also serving as valve position sensors, boast an intelligent notification system that facilitates real-time detection and prevention of valve manipulation, irrespective of the frequency of LoRaWAN data transmission. These achievements are a testament to our dedicated Research and Development efforts, which not only produce outstanding results but also prioritize energy efficiency, resulting in a 30% longer battery life compared to our competitors. SENSE.iO’s LoRaWAN sensors, serving as valve position sensors, provide the percentage opening of the valve directly calculated, eliminating the need for intermediaries or reliance on cloud-based processing. This not only delivers faster and more reliable results but also translates to significant time and cost savings in the long run. Regardless of your industrial sector, you can place your trust in Edge Technologies for advanced, reliable, and efficient LoRaWAN sensor solutions, making us a leader in the market. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond sensor technology. At Edge Technologies, we provide comprehensive support and customization options to meet your specific industrial needs. Our customer-centric approach ensures that you not only receive cutting-edge LoRaWAN sensors but also benefit from a tailored solution that enhances your overall operational efficiency and reliability. Trust us to elevate your industrial processes with innovation, expertise, and unmatched service.

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