The Intersection of ATEX and LoRaWAN: How SENSA.iO is Paving the Way for Industrial Safety


Industrial safety is vital for smooth operations and employee well-being, especially in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Innovative solutions are crucial for enhancing safety and efficiency. This article explores ‘The Benefits of Exploring the ATEX-LoRaWAN Intersection,’ discussing their significant impacts on the industry.

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What is ATEX?

ATEX stands for “Atmosphères Explosibles,” a set of EU regulations ensuring worker and equipment safety in explosive atmospheres. ATEX certification confirms rigorous testing for safe operation in potentially explosive environments. In industries like petrochemicals, ATEX is crucial. Without certification, equipment use could lead to disasters. Certification ensures machinery can withstand hazardous conditions, reducing the risk of explosions and associated costs.

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What is LoRaWAN?

LoRaWAN, or “Long Range Wide Area Network,” is an IoT communication protocol. It allows long-distance communication with minimal energy use, ideal for industrial applications requiring sensors and actuators. LoRaWAN in industries tracks assets, monitors environments, and predicts maintenance needs. Its ability to function in challenging areas sets it apart.

Relationship between ATEX and LoRaWAN

At first glance, ATEX, which deals with explosive atmospheres, and LoRaWAN, a technology for long-distance communication, may seem to work in different areas. But the two can overlap in unexpected and advantageous ways. For example, consider a remote oil platform that needs to be constantly monitored for gas leaks. In this case, specialized sensors certified to ATEX standards are crucial to detect unusual gas levels. But how can these sensors send this important information to a remote central monitoring station? This is where LoRaWAN comes in, providing long-range communication between certified sensors and the central system. In simple terms, ATEX ensures that equipment is safe to use in explosive atmospheres, while LoRaWAN enables effective communication over long distances. The combination of these two technologies can significantly improve industrial safety by enabling real-time monitoring and immediate action in the presence of potential hazards. banner

How SENSA.iO is Paving the Way

SENSA.iO is among the pioneers combining ATEX and LoRaWAN technologies to create intelligent, safe, and efficient industrial ecosystems. By using ATEX-certified sensors and LoRaWAN communication networks, SENSA.iO offers a complete solution for industries that require dependable monitoring in potentially dangerous environments. What makes SENSA.iO different is its focus on analyzing data in real-time and using machine learning algorithms to predict risks before they become major problems. By combining ATEX safety measures with the long-range communication capabilities of LoRaWAN, SENSA.iO is creating a new benchmark for industrial safety and efficiency. The ATEX compliance achieved by using LoRaWAN technologies is not just a certification. It brings real-world benefits through various specialized devices. These devices, created by SENSA.iO, include the LoRaWAN Valve Sensor, LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor, and LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor. They are designed for specific industrial requirements.

LoRaWAN Valve Position Sensor by SENSA.iO

LoRaWAN Valve Sensor by SENSA.iO

A key player in this safety technology is the LoRaWAN Valve Sensor. Designed for exacting conditions, this sensor employs Sensor Fusion Algorithm and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to monitor the degree of valve openness accurately within 3°. With its ATEX/IECEX certification, it withstands Zone 0/1 conditions, making it an intrinsically safe choice for hazardous areas. Its key features, such as AES 128-bit encryption and Bluetooth 5 Low Energy, provide robust security and long-range communication up to 10 km.

LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor by SENSA.iO

LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor by SENSA.iO

Another essential device is the LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor. This intelligent solution offers temperature monitoring with Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) and Nickel-Alloy Thermocouple within a wide range of -40°C to 650°C. Like the Valve Sensor, this device is also ATEX/IECEX certified and is optimized for use in harsh industrial environments like petrochemical plants, steel plants, and offshore/onshore operations.

LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor by SENSA.iO

LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor by SENSA.iO

Last but not least, the LoRaWAN Pressure Sensor offers precise measuring and remote monitoring for pressure ranges from -1-1 up to 1000 bar. Utilizing Piezoresistive technology, it’s an optimal solution for remote communication. Not only does it offer data analytics, but it also allows easy installation and maintenance. The sensor is a prime example of how embedded AI and Machine Learning can offer optimum solutions in industrial setups. Each of these devices contributes to an all-encompassing safety management system when integrated into SENSA.iO’s comprehensive platform. Their deployment can help industries like petrochemical, chemical, and steel plants to not just comply with ATEX and LoRaWAN standards, but to actually operationalize these standards for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Future Implications

The intersection of ATEX and LoRaWAN is not a mere technological experiment; it’s a pathway towards a safer and more efficient future for industrial settings. As machine learning algorithms continue to improve, and as sensor technology advances, the combined potential of ATEX and LoRaWAN will only grow. Industries like petrochemicals, mining, and manufacturing stand to gain immensely from this convergence. It offers the promise of real-time decision-making, improved asset utilization, and, most crucially, enhanced safety measures that could save lives.

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