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Driven by a commitment to delivering cutting-edge intelligent sensors, our aim at Edge Technologies is to elevate industrial processes to new horizons. Our SENSA.iO wireless pressure sensors offer exceptional accuracy and features explicitly designed to meet the demanding requirements of current production environments. Integrating our sensors can provide various industries with considerable benefits, amplifying their procedures and undertakings. Let’s have a look at some of them!

Optimizing Industrial Performance

Pressure monitoring with SENSA.iO allows for detecting pressure loss or drop in systems, indicating potential leaks, blockages, or faulty components. This invaluable information enables industries to address these issues promptly, preventing reduced system performance, inefficiencies, or even complete system failure.

Our sensors are highly effective at detecting and preventing excessive pressure, ensuring safe operating conditions for your systems. SENSA.iO sensors provide real-time alerts for pump malfunctions, valve failures, or process abnormalities, mitigating safety risks and preventing equipment damage.

Unleashing Precision and Stability

Abnormal pressure fluctuations in industrial processes can signal issues like pump cavitation, valve instability, or poor control mechanisms. SENSA.iO sensors make it easy for industries to detect these fluctuations and maintain system performance, accuracy, and stability.

Furthermore, our sensors monitor the activation of pressure relief valves, serving as a crucial early warning system for overpressure conditions or potential equipment failures. Frequent or unnecessary valve activations prompt investigations and corrective actions, preventing further complications.

Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability

SENSA.iO sensors stand out in detecting pressure imbalances across different sections or components of a system. By identifying flow restrictions, improper valve settings, or pipe blockages, industries can optimize system efficiency and performance, reducing costly downtime and improving overall reliability.

In addition, our sensors aid in identifying process deviations by monitoring pressure profiles. SENSA.iO sensors help with quick adjustments or maintenance to maintain desired operating conditions, whether pipe corrosion, pump wear, or changes in process conditions.

Unveiling Safety and Protection

Pressure surges or spikes can significantly threaten equipment integrity, leading to damage, pipe bursts, or compromised systems. SENSA.iO sensors vigilantly monitor pressure, ensuring swift detection of these surges caused by sudden flow changes, valve operations, or other system dynamics. This proactive approach enables industries to act immediately, safeguarding their assets and preventing costly repercussions.

Moreover, our sensors are designed to detect gradual shifts or drifts in pressure setpoints. By promptly identifying these changes, industries can address control system issues, instrument calibration discrepancies, or process variations, maintaining the desired operating conditions.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance plays a crucial role in the operation of PRVs (Pressure Relief Valves). Adhering to regulatory standards is essential to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of these mechanical devices. Compliance with regulations ensures that PRVs meet specific performance criteria and industry standards, guaranteeing the protection of personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Our sensors verify the functionality of pressure relief systems, ensuring they operate within designed parameters. By monitoring pressure relief valves and safety systems, SENSA.iO sensors provide immediate notification of events to reduce severity of releases enhancing system safety and reliability.

SENSA.iO industrial wireless pressure sensors provide accurate and reliable pressure measurements for a wide range of applications in industrial settings. Our sensors offer comprehensive solutions, whether it’s monitoring pressure in production lines, equipment, or critical processes. With advanced features such as seamless integration, robustness, ATEX certification for hazardous environments, intelligent alarms, and AI capabilities, SENSA.IO empowers industries with intelligent pressure monitoring solutions.

Moreover, we endorse industries’ commitment to sustainability. That is why our solutions provide the best assistance for the safety and well-being of your workforce and minimize environmental impact by preventing and avoiding harsh scenarios.

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