LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor

Long Range battery powered In-line Temperature sensor measurement designed for harsh environment

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The wireless temperature sensor has the function of measuring the temperature of gas and liquid in the pipeline, with two connection options in-line and surface mounted. The product is designed to achieve simple installation on the production site to support direct installation into the pipeline, and the wetted material has high corrosion resistance. The sensor Support installation in hazardous locations and can even be installed in Zone 1 areas where flammable gas or vapor may exist, such as petrochemical plants, paint plants, and steel plants. The sensor uses LoRaWAN for remote communication. LoRaWAN has excellent sensitivity reception, good anti-radio interference capability, and provides a communication distance of 10 km or longer in an ideal communication environment. The modular structure of the sensor offers the possibility to replace the battery without removing the sensor from the pipe for easy maintenance on-site. It can be installed anywhere in the factory without any cable wiring work. Use smartphones for configuration and status monitoring. Using Android or Ios smartphone with Bluetooth 5 can make sensor configuration and status monitoring simple and intuitive.

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Probe length

150mm (6in), 300mm (12in), 400mm (16in), Other on demand


Hydrogen, Null

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