sensaio - industrial wireless sensors

The Ultimate Solution for Intelligent Pressure Monitoring

Driven by a commitment to delivering cutting-edge intelligent sensors, our aim at Edge Technologies is to elevate industrial processes to new horizons. Our SENSA.iO wireless pressure sensors offer exceptional accuracy and features explicitly designed to meet the demanding requirements of current production environments. Integrating our sensors can provide various industries with considerable benefits, amplifying their […]

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explosive atmosphere atex standards

Enhancing safety & compliance Part 1: Guidance to certifications requirement for hazardous area

Safety and compliance are paramount in today’s industrial landscape, particularly in harsh industries such as Oil&Gas, Mining, Biogas, Hydrogen, and more. Industrial wireless sensors play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and secure operation of their industrial processes. In order to ensure their reliability and compliance, these sensors must go through certification processes that […]

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methanisation law european union

Achieving regulatory compliance in fugitive gas emissions with SENSA.iO

The European Parliament’s recent adoption of a new law and rules to cut methane emissions has highlighted the significant role that Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors can play in driving sustainability and emission reduction across industries. These regulations emphasize the increasing need to tackle environmental challenges and encourage responsible practices, considering current concentrations are […]

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sensaio temperature sensor lorawan

Enhancing industrial processes with our temperature sensors

At Edge Technologies, we take pride in offering superior intelligent sensors with an impressive feature set, including our SENSA.iO wireless temperature sensors. These sensors are specifically designed for measuring gas and liquid temperature in production processes, as well as equipment. They provide numerous benefits across various aspects of industrial operations. Optimizing Process Control Temperature is […]

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manual valve position sensor

Solution revolutionizing your valve monitoring!

When it comes to valve positioning sensors, our products at Edge Technologies are a cut above the rest. Unlike our competitors, our SENSA.iO sensors perform all necessary calculations autonomously, thanks to a powerful embedded microprocessor. This means the position data you receive via the LoraWAN payload is always accurate and reliable. Notably, we do not […]

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h2 hydrogen technology

SENSA.iO’s solutions for the hydrogen industry

One of the main challenges facing the hydrogen industry is safety. However, with innovation and investment in new technologies, we can overcome these challenges and pave the way for a more sustainable and profitable future. At SENSA.iO, we’re proud to be part of this effort with our wireless ATEX and hydrogen-certified sensors. Designed to provide […]

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Rugged field instruments

Introducing our brand-new range of rugged field instruments

We are pleased to introduce our brand-new range of rugged field instruments featuring in-situ data analytics, ultra-low power and secured long range connectivity for hazardous environment. SENSA.IO is a compact and modular intrinsically safe design that comply with most restrictive safety standards in the market (ATEX/IECEX zone 1).

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Plant 4.0 initiative

Plant 4.0 initiative Q&A with Eric Duchesne

Setting-up a meeting between them is what Plant 4.0 is about. This innovative open-innovation concept, developed by Total since 2016, allows start-ups to test their technologies in the facilities of big industrial companies which are looking for innovative and real-world solutions.

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Smart Sensors for Industry 4.0

In Gardanna, Edge Technologies is Developing Smart Sensors for Industry 4.0

After a career in the oil sector, Thomas Guillet founded Remedial Performance, a company specialized in automation and instrumentation tools for the oil & gas industry, in 2012 in Singapore.

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